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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Shipoopi

Has nothing to do with that song but who cares? I have pictures of my kittens! Isn't that GREAT? Yeah. Yeah, i thought so. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, i've been too busy doing nothing. So here's pictures of my beautiful baby's.

When they were just lil baby's

Jaymie being an evil tyrant

Murderous Intent

Kiwi got stuck up there

Oooo pretty light

Sushi Lover

Pink blankie heaven

He's kind evil that way

He told me to tell you I killed him

Fighting over who get's thier pic taken

Couldn't figure out how to post them... darn.

~pixie potter

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The joys of Kittenhood

Oh the wonders of Petco, not only can you get fish food for that lazy beta that does nothing but look dead, but adorable kittens too! As I learned 4 weeks ago. You know the story, an inoccent trip to the petstore to get some cat food and then you walk out with a new addition to the family. I just happened to walk out with two new additions. But I couldn't resist, they're little mews and they're deep blue eyes (which are now green) were too incredibly cute to resist. And I didn't restrain myself. They were free from the guy, so I took them in a box, Mom bought some formula and we were in the car talking excitedly about our new 'babies'.

Our whole family now has 13 freakin cats. Wawa, the oldest has 6. Suhbreena, fourth youngest has 2. And Crissy, third youngest has one, who apparently keeps large hissing cockroaches at bay. And Pixie with C.C have four. My friends tell me we are crazy, and that we are cat lovers.

13 cats and i have 5 sisters.... could my family get any bigger?

A strange boy crossed over from the park to ask me as i was sitting on the porch wearing orange with the black kittens if I was a witch. And you can imagine how the comical conversation went.

Strangeboy: Are you a witch? Cause you got black cats.
Pixie: (Pleasently) Yes I am a witch.
Strangeboy: (In raptured awe) Really?
Pixie: Yep.
Strangeboy: (beggining to get suspicious) Ok... I'm gonna play in the Park now.
Pixie: Have fun.

Two kittens only two weeks old. Male and Female, thus Kiwi and Princess Aurora because all the lazy thing will do is sleep. Apparently they're ready for dry food at six weeks, it has been six weeks and they're finally eating it, hooray! But alas, it was a long trial period before that happened, believe me.

We bottle fed them for about a week (I was extremly sleep deprived by the way). They were enjoyable if not cute, they didn't really look like kittens yet though, kinda like black rats with furry tails. But after the first week of having them with us, they grew bigger and followed me around as if I were the Mommy. It was very cute, and when the nieghbor kids found out, we were a hotspot.

Boywonder: Hi. You have kittens right?
Pixie: (Somewhat uncertainly) Uhm.. yes.
Boywonder: Can I see da kittens?
Pixie: They're sleeping right now.
Boywonder: (Dissapointed) Oh. Oh ok. Can I see them when they wake up? And when they are awake they can play?
Pixie: You can come by when they are awake again, that should be at 4:00, when the long hand is on the 12 and the short hand is on the 4.
Boywonder: (Looks at spiderman watch) Ok. Bye. *runs off to the park*
Pixie: *Sigh* (Closes door retreats to kitchen. Doorbell rings 3 times. Exactly.)
Boywonder: Are the kittens awake yet?

You get the picture. Are house was teeming with children I didn't know and they were all over. I had to literally herd them into the bonus room and told them to stay in here, or leave. Not a very tough choice. As soon as I set foot outside the room to get a glass of water there was fighting.

HannahMontana: I wanna hold the kitten!
Bradley: But I was holding him first!
Boywonder: (retreats into a corner with Aurora) I love you kitty.

Ah the joys of kittenhood. Don't you agree? I have to say it was worth the sleepless milk covered nights feeding them. Now they follow me around and sleep with me and purr whenever I pick them up. And they have matured into adorable kittens. Aurora is this lovely blue and dark gray striped and Kiwi is a mysterious smoky gray. So perhaps all of you reading this now will be cat deprived and want to drive through mall parking lots looking for children on the curb handing out kittens? They're the most wonderful snuggly companions of course. And not like a dog they don't cut off circulation to your legs when they lay down on you as you lounge on the couch reading a sappy romance novel. It's the good life.